Nature’s symphony, handcrafted with care

Our Mission

To make a positive impact on well being through holistic organic supplements, nourishing both mind and body. Supporting mental health initiatives is at the core of our mission, delivered through The Olive Trust.

Our Beginnings

Our journey embarked with a powerful vision to craft organic herbal supplements that not only nurtures the body and mind but also makes a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals navigating mental health challenges. 

As a social enterprise, our genuine concern for your health goes hand-in-hand with a purpose that extends beyond profit.

At the core of Organic Path is the drive to introduce organic supplements free from questionable ingredients commonly found in mainstream products. Unlike businesses primarily focused on shareholder relationships, often at the expense of ethical product provision, we strive to redefine the standards. 

Our commitment is to deliver products that are not only beneficial for your well being but also uphold ethical values, setting us apart in a market driven by profit-centric motives.

By prioritising the exclusion of dubious ingredients and championing ethical practices, Organic Path stands as a beacon for those seeking a trustworthy ally on their journey to holistic health and well being. 

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Join Us on the Organic Path

When you choose Organic Path, you are choosing more than just products; you are choosing a path of well being that extends far beyond yourself. 

We invite you to explore our supplement range, embrace holistic well being, and become a part of our mission to nurture both body and mind.